Mondays are for spinning

Miss Crabtree on my miniSpinner. Luckily I had a card telling me how I was spinning it – cuz its been a while.



I still knit…

I still knit. My latest is Leaving, a sweater by Anne at knit spot. I’m knitting it in Woobu and it’s coming along great!


The colors shown here do NOT do this wonderful yarn justice (that’s what I get for taking pics with my iPhone in questionable light)


Grawk Fledge Sock

Grawk Fledge Sock

For Lindsey – who said she was sad that her rss feed of my blog never has anything in it.

Thanks for winding my ball of yarn! I Loooooooove it! (don’t you love the socks?)

I live

GWAT: Detail

I spin. :)

Sweater swatch

Sweater swatch

Swatch for the Sabbatical sweater, pattern from the most recent edition of Twist.

New Toy!

Hansen miniSpinner

I have a new e-spinner. It’s the miniSpinner from Hansen Crafts

Here it is in it’s new travel bag with lots of other great stuff:
Hansen miniSpinner

Click on the pictures to see notes about what’s where in the bag.


My thoughts are quickly going past Christmas Knitting (still finishing up the orange cable sweater, but also knit a hat) and to what I’ll be knitting for the Madrona Fiber Arts festival coming up. I’ve been looking at some fair isle patterns, and came across this great blog post with pics of how to do a crochet steek:

Now … what to make as my Madrona project? Hmm….



a new sweater for alex. I’m aiming for it being a Christmas present :)

A really good knitter

A really good knitter

self proclaimed as “a really good knitter” :)

Sweater & baby

Sweater Back

I made this sweater a while back for a friend, and here’s a pic of the baby wearing it. If I remember right I made the pattern a little bit longer than it called for, as based on my gauge it was going to be wider than it was supposed to be (which was perfect because I wanted it a little larger so that it’d be the right size when fall and winter arrived).

Pattern can be seen at Ravelry here:

or at Knitty (where it’s free)!