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Greasemonkey is cool

I knit. I spin. I write greasemonkey scripts in my spare time.  What I apparently don’t do much lately is blog.  :)

I updated my little greasemonkey script that selects defaults on the Paypal Shipping page when you use USPS.  Script contains ways to set your default package size, weight and origination zip.  It also now will set the mailing date based on what time it is. If it’s after 5pm; it will automatically select tomorrow’s date for you. Go here to view, and install:

Spinning group

Knitting for charity

This weekend our spinning group met for the first time in a new location. It’s really close to my house and was very comfortable for our group. I think we’ll be meeting there again! We still had quite a few people stop and gawk at us a bit, but that’s only to be expected. I spun some more purple merino/cashmere yarn, finishing up one bobbin, and started in on some BFL. I’ve decided I’ll make socks with the BFL yarn once I’m done. There isn’t a lot of color variation in it, but I think it’ll be very pretty. Shiori and Norma are sitting here helping with a charity knitting project. There wasn’t enough yarn, so they are each knitting from one end of the same ball of yarn.

In other news, I wrote my first greasemonkey script today. Anyone who uses paypal and prints invoices from it would benefit from this script. I always hated how paypal made me click “Details” for an order, then once that page loaded, I could go to the “Print packing slip” link. This lets me skip the unnecessary page by putting the packing slip link on the main page. Get it here:
(you’ll also need greasemonkey; a way cool plugin for firefox)