Schacht Matchless, Cherry edition

Schacht Matchless, Cherry edition

Knitting is taking a backseat to spinning these days – I finally received my Schacht Matchless anniversary edition spinning wheel.

Greasemonkey is cool

I knit. I spin. I write greasemonkey scripts in my spare time.  What I apparently don’t do much lately is blog.  :)

I updated my little greasemonkey script that selects defaults on the Paypal Shipping page when you use USPS.  Script contains ways to set your default package size, weight and origination zip.  It also now will set the mailing date based on what time it is. If it’s after 5pm; it will automatically select tomorrow’s date for you. Go here to view, and install:

Baby Sweater


See – I still knit! :) I’ve been working on this one since around April. I’m into the boring body where it’s all one color and stockinette. There’s a chance I might run out of yarn, but I’ll deal with that if I need to. I might finish the sleeves first instead of the body as it’d be easier to make the sleeves in stockinette and add patternwork to the body to hide any dye lot changes necessary if I have to get a new ball of yarn.

Pattern: Dale 16411 (on Ravelry)

Color substitution for the main color: Dark pink instead of the tomato red. So far I think it’s worked out really well.



Flowers from a farmer’s market. A guy I work with is going to create a Pastel painting from this image.

Eye Candy


to distract you from lack of knitting content :)

Fair Isle

Fair Isle Speed Swatch

This past weekend I took a workshop on designing fair isle sweaters from Janine (aka Feral Knitter).  It was wonderful! We started with an inspiration photo; and picked out colors that were in the photo’s color families and then knit up a speed swatch.  Day two began the motif swatch; and mine needed a bit of tweaking.  Pictures of that when it’s blocked.

Blog upgraded

I upgraded the WordPress software that runs the blog. Seems like it went pretty well – let me know if you see any weirdness as you’re browsing around.

In the meantime, here’s something pretty to look at: (click to see bigger – it’s worth it :)

Spotlight in Seattle

Glowing clouds

Seattle Sky

Seattle Sky

It’s too nice out to knit. Although I did knit a bit on a sock on my way into work this morning. :)

For Sproutlet

For Sproutlet

Proof I’m still alive, and still knitting!

This was a knitty pattern, Helena, knit top down. I made a few modifications (of course!). The yarn I used said it would meet gauge, but my gauge was tighter than the ball band; and I was rather pleased with it so I stuck with it. As a result I made the larger size to come out about a 6-9 month (up to 12 month maybe). I also did i-cord for the ties instead of simple garter stitch that was only 3 sts across.

I used Dale Lerke, a wool-cotton that is super soft. It has a tendency to split when knitting so you really have to watch the strands when you do decreases or other fancy maneuvers.

Pocket wheels nose to nose

Pocket wheels nose to nose

In a desperate attempt to show that this blog is not dead; here is a picture of my wheel on the left; and another pocket wheel (older vintage) on the right. Someday the singles on mine will be yarn and I will knit with it.